Installation guide


  • Python (version 3.6 or higher)

  • Python package manager pip


Pre-build package available at PyPi:

pip install highdicom

The library relies on the underlying pydicom package for decoding of pixel data, which internally delegates the task to either the pillow or the pylibjpeg packages. Since pillow is a dependency of highdicom and will automatically be installed, some transfer syntax can thus be readily decoded and encoded (baseline JPEG, JPEG-2000, JPEG-LS). Support for additional transfer syntaxes (e.g., lossless JPEG) requires installation of the pylibjpeg package as well as the pylibjpeg-libjpeg and pylibjpeg-openjpeg packages. Since pylibjpeg-libjpeg is licensed under a copyleft GPL v3 license, it is not installed by default when you install highdicom. To install the pylibjpeg packages along with highdicom, use

pip install highdicom[libjpeg]

Install directly from source code (available on Github):

git clone ~/highdicom
pip install ~/highdicom